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   from the Center  of the 

    A Life Beyond EGO
     A Cosmic Journey Inward


  Robert William Carter, Jr.



 Chapter 1: Starting From Where We Are
 Chapter 2: An Egoholic’s Life
 Chapter 3: Where Life Is Taking Us So Far … So Far From Our CENTER


 Chapter 4: We Have To Be Out Of Our Mind
 Chapter 5: We Could Get This Right
 Chapter 6: The Kingdom Of Heaven ... Truly IS Within
 Chapter 7: It’s Up to Each and Every One of Us
 Chapter 8: The Possibilities Are Without Limit


 Chapter 9: Why Would We Want Anything Else
 Chapter 10: Freedom From The EGO
 Chapter 11: Part of The Solution
 Epilogue: To Boldly Go … Where Spirit Guides Us



    It came to me to write this book because, over my lifetime, I have been giving 
 in to something which I found was not real. It was about time that I exposed it for  what it is, LIVING DEATH! I had my share of transcendental experiences. Very  nice, but I still returned to the separation experience of “them” and me. Even  though my transitory experiences where beyond anything I could have ever  imagined (Oneness on the infinite level as well as the quantum level), and I know  that there was only One Presence, One Power and One Intelligence, and that I  was part of all that is, to my egoic mind, there was that sense of “was that  REALLY real”?

    So, I made an investigation to go farther and try to repeat the experiences,  trying to gather whatever scientific method I could muster for an internal  experience, which could never be proven to any external source, by just stopping  and letting go. The more I got out of the way, the more that which is all that is, by  whatever name you want to call it, blessed me with its presence.  This book is a  journey of discovery into the world beyond space and time. To begin this journey,  we need to only start from where we are, giving up our preconceived notion of  what we will discover. 
    This book was written to help whoever is ready to take the “plunge”, or take the  “red” pill, or even go down the “rabbit hole”, or through the “looking glass” to  discover a part of themselves they may never have experienced before.

    I wish for you the best … knowing that the best is all that awaits you … may  you realize ALL THAT IS, is always with you, no matter where you are.

Robert William Carter, Jr.
Wailuku, Hawaii
Island of Maui
Summer 2011



   Starting From Where We Are    

    We are at the starting line, a race to nowhere.  We never left that point of  connection, where the infinite space inward and the infinite space outward are  always with us.  It is here and now, where we just stop, and cease to look beyond  ourselves any further.  Deep within, takes us deep without to the place beyond  time and space, where there is no beginning and no end, just the eternal presence  of LOVE, PEACE and ALL that this experience entails.  It is that experience  where the body, its energetic field, the emotions, mental awareness and spirit all  come together to express the splendor of existence, the point beyond words and  thought.  For thought can’t bring us into this “Magic Kingdom”.  No amount of  will power or force from the ego can pierce this veil.  It is a point, where one has 
 to  leave the suitcase of the ego and all its baggage, at the door step.  



   An Egoholic’s Life  

    When we see the words alcoholic, workaholic, drug addict, food addict, sex  addict ... we come to realize that all these are just subsets of the greater 
 addiction  of the egoic mind to control our true nature of Pure Consciousness.    The ego will  do whatever it can to control its tiny “kingdom” from the light of truth.   Never mind  what the outcome will bring.  We just look at the news and see how  we relate to  one another and the world.  Many individuals have come to know  intuitively that this can’t continue … that we have reached a “jumping” off point.    More and more people are waking up to this awareness.  We may have finally  come to a place where we are on the threshold of reaching a critical mass for this  global change.



 Where Life Is Taking Us So Far … So far from Our CENTER    

    Pursuing this course of action of separation, as created by the “mini egoic  mind”, will lead ultimately to our own destruction.  Like a mouse or hamster on an  exercise wheel spinning and spinning going nowhere, or a dog chasing its tail,  never ever getting to whatever destination it “thinks” it has to arrive at.  Like the  dog, as long as the ego rules our life, we will always be on the periphery, circling  and circling, never ever being able to experience the very center or “point of  singularity” at the heart of this activity, the state of living from the center of the  cyclone.  The ego is in a dilemma, it is totally clueless on what action to take.  It  knows not of the CENTER, it might have heard of it, and may have even read  about it, but it does not know it.  The body, emotions and mental awareness can  go along for the ride, but as soon as the “mini” egoic mind kicks in, before it has  finished its thought, the experience of Wonder, Bliss, or Divine Presence, is 
 but  a memory, a moment in the past … a place where the ego loves to … live?  



 We Have To Be Out Of Our Mind  

    Truly, to know the Great Stillness, the peace that passes all understanding, 
 one  has to be out of their egoic mind to ever experience the wonder of Absolute  Bliss.  The prattle of thought cannot enter this kingdom.  Unlike the “small” egoic  mind, this Kingdom doesn’t take any prisoners, because none are needed.  The  only requirement is to let go and let Spirit, Consciousness, Presence revel itself  by our just stopping.  It’s that simple.  No PhD is required, no lifetime of  dedication is expected, just the willingness to stop and be present in the here and  now, this moment, beyond time and space. 



We Could Get This Right  

    A critical mass of individual awakening has to be reached for this new world  awakening to be experienced on the planet as a whole … for humanity to improve  with a broad stroke.  The planet will survive.  It’s the life forms on it that may 
 have problems, if we do not act for the good of each and every one of us, this  would  include all sentient beings.  When you come from a state of Oneness,  where do  you draw the line of what can be destroyed and what can be saved?    Since, there  are so many people on this planet, and that so many people are  willing to believe  in mirages, rather than exploring within themselves that deepest  state of  consciousness which can be experienced within their center, the task of  planetary  enlightenment may take awhile.  We can hope and pray that we, our  children and  grand children will have the time. 

    Our individual task is for us to be an example for others to follow.  To be a light  for others to see, to help them discover what is real inside themselves.  Guiding  them to the Eternal State of Consciousness, which moves through them, so 
 that  they know what is REAL and what is not real.  This state of consciousness  is  based on experience, and not on belief.  Belief can be a great place to start,  but  personal experience is the ultimate goal to discovering this deepest truth. 

    When the Divine touches an individual, and we realize that we are part of this  greater presence, that it is always with us, and that we never have to have an  intermediary, it’s very difficult for us to believe any “story” another can tell us.  
 The  change in the world will come from the women and men who are like the  spiritual  warriors, who say that this is the time for love and peace.  Of course, a  true  spiritual warrior knows that peace is the only answer.  We will realize that we  are  all in this together, because there is really only one of us.  We will know this  intrinsically, for we will have lived this experience deep within our being.   

    This world seems so real to us, especially when we hit our head.  Who wants to  suffer, even when we are in a dream?  This is our time, on this planet, to stop the  dreaming.  The more of us who are willing to take on this cause, the easier it will  become.  A new logic will finally dominate the bodies, emotions and mental  awareness of people who know their own truth.  Who won’t be controlled by 
 others  anymore.  Who can see through the deceit and lies of others, trying to  control and  dominate any way they can.  We will have our own knowing, our own  understanding of the One Presence, One Power and One Intelligence which  governs the universe, and no one will ever be able to take that away from us.  We  will know our truth, being able to tap into it, knowing that LOVE and PEACE are  the only real answers for happiness.  The rest is just “story”.



    The Kingdom Of Heaven ... Truly IS Within  

    The soul who finds the KINGDOM, will find it square in the CENTER of their  consciousness.  They will know it by letting go and letting GOD or whatever  name one wishes to give to this Presence.  Spirit is not bound by anything, it  encompasses all.  Just by stopping the egoic mind it makes itself known.  By  just creating a space inside, the void is filled with this PRESENCE  OF ONENESS, beyond thoughts and words, something which has to be  experienced.  How much of this presence we want to come into our life is up to  us.  We can choose to open up a little, to get a taste, or open up full bore.  In any  case, we will never be the same again.  Of course the price we pay is we will  never be the same again.  The old “story” won’t work anymore.  The ego has  “died” to the degree we are willing to let go.  As long as we are in a body, we can  have it back … as large as we want it ... because the ego is a victim of time and  space, with all the trappings of delusion.



It’s Up to Each and Every One of Us 

     It’s up to each and every one of us to find that magical place deep within  where all there is, is this place down the “rabbit hole” or “through the looking  glass”, where the Witness is always present.  The Witness never sleeps, never  abandons us.  It is just waiting for that special movement, when our ego gaps,  gives up, or surrenders to this incredible presence.  We really can release or let 
 go  of whatever constraints or blocks which our ego places in the forefront of our  mental awareness, emotions or body to keep us from Being the Free Presence   which we are. 



The Possibilities Are Without Limit  

    At the very beginning of the Industrial Revolution, who could have imagined our  world of today?  Some of us today imagine, if we survive the present with its  sorted problems, what a bright world the future will bring, with the ever evolving  technological possibilities and how they’ll affect all areas of life.  Then there will 
 be  the area of increased mental abilities, and how that will interface with the  expanding electrical - technological age.  We may have already seen this happen  in some individuals, from healings to biofeedback experimentation.     

    With this every expanding spiritual awareness, where the ego’s of people are  placed in check by their own personal experience of Cosmic Oneness, and the  ever increasing electrical - technological possibilities and expanded mental  abilities, we could create a most “wonderful” world.  It will really depend on each  and every one of us, to own up to our responsibility, to get it “right” in our own life.  We really do hold the “key”.  It’s time to step up to the plate and swing away!



Why Would We Want Anything Else  

    This elevated state of awareness, is right here, right now, in this instant, for  those who are ready to stop, look and listen.  The price we pay is that we have  to cease to be caught up in the orbit of the small voice of the ego, the presence 
 of delusion.  How does one do this?      

    One way is to move into the Center of Our Being at the center of the chest.    It’s a matter of being silent and present in this space.  Many refer to this space  as the Heart Center, the Sacred Heart, the Middle Tantien, the Heart Chakra ...      

    Why would we want to live any other way?  We have a life, that could be an  incredible journey of discovery, and we see people settle for a diminished sense 
 of  presence, just because it hasn’t been spelled out to them, in a way they can  understand. It’s no fault of their own, it’s just they were never given the blueprint  for their own eternal “home” deep within themselves.  We hold the presence of  Eternal Mind and Immeasurable Joy deep in our center, just waiting to be  released upon our present environment, bringing Unlimited Love and  Incomparable Peace into our world.  What an image that can hold for the planet.    People would be in alignment with helping and not hurting one another, living from  this Sacred Space, radiating this Divine Presence into the world.    



Freedom From The Ego  

    As we open the door into our Heart Center, we align our body, energy, emotions  and higher mind (soul) with the Mind of the Eternal SelfThis Consciousness  just pours from the Divine Center, opening us up more and more as we release  the strangle hold of ego on this Infinite Presence    

    Here we have the opportunity to walk away from the separate life of the ego to  our true identity; to a place some call Enlightenment, where we experience 
 Truth within ourselves.  Here we get to replace the filters of all others thoughts of  what is the “truth”.  We just know it, for ourselves.  This experience takes on a  greater level of awareness as we leave more and more of our “mini” mind self at  the door.  The question we have to ask ourselves, is the letting go from the grip of  the ego worth it?  Of course the answer is yes, and that there is no effort involved  with it.  The ego wants us to think there is something we (souls) have to do, that  great effort is involved with years of practice required!  The truth “let go and let  God”, is as true today as was the first time it was ever started.     

    Many have found as they stay in their Heart Center, moving their “awareness”  presence here, a deeper sense or Infinite Presence moves through them into this  world.  With all of us, it’s a matter of how much our “mini” mind wants to step out  of the way for this “Essence” to make its presence known.  This Divine  Presence is very kind and loving; it can wait for all eternity for us to decide to  step aside.  It has all the time in the world.  And since there is no time, but just  this moment, It’s making the most of it.  It’s watching the “show” we have  scripted; looking at our life … to see what we’re going to do next.  Sometimes the  “show” is very entertaining!  Of course when our ego is suffering; the “mini” mind 
 in  us may say “uncle” and want to “jump ship”!  Here’s where our compassion for  others comes into play, the greater this Great Spirit’s Presence moves through  us, the greater will be our service to others.  As it has been said before, we truly  are our brother’s/sister’s keeper.  When our participation changes in the world, 
 that  part of the world we participate in, changes.                    



Part of The Solution  

    If we choose to remain at the periphery from the Center, then we will remain as  one of the obstacles to the solution of problems on this planet, because we will  not have understood, by not experiencing our own state of Oneness and Bliss.    We are the answer to that which we seek, by allowing space for the real I Am to  come into our conscious awareness by manifesting through us!  It’s time for us to  experiment with our own life as to what is true for us, by taking a hard look at the  false ego self, and letting it go for as long as we can.      

    I won’t go into the structure of the ego here.  Many other explorers of  consciousness have done a brilliant job on this subject.  Two excellent examples  come to mind, Eli Jaxon-Bear’s The Enneagram of Liberation and Riso and  Hudson’s The Wisdom of the Enneagram.  Both works together, give an  excellent presentation of how an individual’s ego structure works.  By  understanding this pattern of ego fixation, one can see the traps and can go  beyond fixation to freedom, taking this into the Heart Center and living in the  present moment with Spirit.  The Enneagram is to conscious awareness as the  Periodic Table is to chemistry.  It is a tremendous map of the territory of  consciousness, guiding us along the path to freedom, if taken into the Heart  Center, where the fixation of the ego is consumed.  From my observations,  sometimes when people become aware of their ego fixation, they can get “stuck”  in the process, forgetting to go into their Heart Center, where they can become  free and Self aware.      

    If we’re not part of the solution … then we’re part of the problem to the evolution  of consciousness on this planet.  For the planet to evolve, we have to evolve, for  we are all tied to its well being.  If we are not Self aware, then it is more difficult  for us to make the informed choices as to what needs to be done for the planet  and each other.  We then come from a distorted view of what IS, from our ego’s  perspective, which may not be the best decision, taking in all view points.  



To Boldly Go … Where Spirit Guides Us   

    As we get more out of our True Self’s way, we will be guided more by the real  presence inside us.  As we open more, more will be given to us.  It’s that simple.    The Great Spirit becomes more of our life, filling us with its essence.  Those who  have had this experience, know that it is worth the effort, the effort of no effort.  The more we surrender the more we become. Throughout history, those who  had had their individual experience of the Divine Presence have known this to be  true.



    At this moment, relax and close your eyes, becoming aware of the area in the  center of your chest, the Heart Center.  Take a few deep breathes, letting go 
 more  and more with each breath.  Feeling more and more relaxed with each  breath,  allow your mind’s awareness to move down and stay in your chest.  For  as long  as you can, live from this space from moment to moment.  Feel your  awareness  going deeper into this space, deeper and deeper.  Whatever thoughts  come to  your awareness let them go and go deeper into your center.  See how 
 you are  feeling?  If you are feeling anger, fear … anything other than positive  feelings, go  deeper still.  Go deeper under the anger, or under the fear.  Go to the  very center  of this place, beyond time and space.  What are you experiencing?  
 If  you are  experiencing love beyond anything you could possible imagine, you  have  reached  that place which the poet’s words can barely describe.  This is the  place  of  unconditional love where the peace that passes all understanding  resides.  


    As one goes to the very center of this point, the “singularity or event horizon”  of the Heart Center, we come into contact with our true Self.  Here we experience  the One Presence, the One Power, and the One Intelligence that is all that is.    From this moment on, we will never, ever be the same again.  We will never be  able to look at the world and see “them” and us, again.  It will only be “I”.  It will  become our normal state to help others in need because of the compassion we  feel for “others”, knowing that there is only one of us!           

    When we get to the stage where we are experiencing fear, anxiety or any other  similar emotion, then we know that the ego has created a last ditch effort to keep  us from discovering our true essence.  It will invest all of its energy reserves to  defend its territory of the egoic mind against anything that will change the status  quo of me, myself and i.  It will try to pull us out of the Heart Center, and back 
 into  the head.  It will have us thinking, this is a waste of time, it’s a lie … that 
 we  need to only think about the past and the future, and maybe feel a little  remorse  for good measure, for what didn’t happen or what should have happened  in the  past, or what may or may not happen in the future ... ever more story! 

   The gifts from the Infinite Presence will be given as we live from the Center of  our Being in the sacred space of the Heart Center.  Living from this state of  awareness is known as the Mystical Marriage, the place where Heaven and  Earth  meet, while we are in a physical body.  It’s the space where duality ceases  to  exist.  Where Yin and Yang merge and become one unified whole.  Finding and  living from this space transforms our lives.  We will know, what we need to know,  when we need to know it.  We will be guided along the way.  No more games, no  more wasted “time”.  No more doing this or doing that, just Being, by just  stopping in our Heart Center.  We can try it for ourselves, to see if this is  really  real and true.  We have to be like the spiritual warrior and go beyond our  fears  and doubts and forget what others say, do or believe, for we are the true  explorers  of consciousness.     
    We are doing this to do what we can to stop the suffering in this world, ours and  any others who may benefit from our discovery, to boldly go where very few  souls have gone before.  We may know that this world is an illusion, that it is the  play of “Maya”, but we still feel that we must do our part in helping to end the  suffering that we see.  God Speed to us all.                  


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