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Emerson - Most Of The Shadows ...

Ayahuasca ... My Journey Within by Ali Jones-Carter

painting by Lesta Bertoia

Excerpt from:

Ayahuasca by Ali Jones-Carter

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More Spiritual Teachings by Ramana Maharshi

J. Krishnamurti - In Oneself Lies The Whole ...

Oneness ... by Helen Brungardt

photo credit: movie "Unacknowledged"

Spiritual Teachings by Ramana Maharshi

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It Takes Time by Cristen Rogers

Excerpt from:

It Takes Time by Cristen Rodgers

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Total Solar Eclipse - When Safe To View With Eyes

Excerpt from NASA.gov:  
During the short time when the moon completely obscures the sun
– known as the period of totality –
it is safe to look directly at the star,
but it’s crucial that you know when to take off
and put back on your glasses. 


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From the book of poetry by Aerie Waters … Adore Way Through the Heart

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Artwork of Breath Of Creativity by Lesta Bertoia

Walk Your Talk - Embracing Our Unexpected Teachers

I have been on a conscious spiritual journey since discovering Unity in 1991.  I have had many spiritual teachers.  Some of my favorite teachers are Jesus, Charles Fillmore, the Buddha, Ram Dass, Michael Singer, Thich Nhat Hanh and numerous Unity Ministers.  These teachers have inspired me to discover my spiritual Truth and to get to know and love the presence of God that is within me and everywhere in the universe.  These teachers have usually offered me Truth that I easily embraced because the Truth was positive, simple to apply and uplifting. 

There have also been many powerful spiritual teachers that I would not have consciously chosen.  These are my Unexpected Teachers.  My unexpected teachers have usually shown up as people with whom I have difficulty.  They are often confrontational, disrespectful and sometimes horrible people (in my opinion).  My first reaction to these unexpected ...

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Preconditions To Learning

The spiritual disciplines of devotion, knowledge, selfless service, and/or meditation are best taught by those who already mastered them.  The best students are those who have already mastered their self, by discarding their ego and abandoning their individuality.

While you are feeling, thinking or acting with the selfish purposes of I, me or my you cannot realize divine union.  These concepts bind you to the mundane world with your confusing personal emotions, the preconceptions of your mind and the restrictions of your senses.  You must reach beyond the ego self to the ...

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For Those Who Surrender

Kirtan - Mantra - Sounds into Silence - Movie Trailer

This inspiring, beautiful movie premiered at the
Maui Film Festival last night.  It shows us how to find purpose and meaning
 from within!  It helped me loosen the identification with my problems;
cracking open my heart.  What a beautiful excuse to come
together with others and sing.  Kirtan is the song of the soul!  ~ Ali

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We Don't Dance to Escape Life ... by Michael Franti

Knock, and He'll Open the Door ... Rumi