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A UFO Report

    About 3 ½ years ago, I had a fairly close encounter with a UFO.  I waited to write about this encounter, because as an Architect, I didn’t want to be seen as too “different”, since I still needed clients to work with.  Now, I still want clients, but I’m not as self-conscious.          

     In early November 2009, at 11:00 pm, local time, I went outside to say goodbye to the west side of the Grand Teton Mountain Range of western Wyoming.  I was looking towards the West, out over the valley as I left my condo.  I looked up about 30 degrees, and just in front of me about 2 miles out, I saw what looked like a spacecraft appear as it seemed to be slowing down.  See map and perspective below for the objects track.  

(plan view map - North is up)
UFO Track back in 2009.  This occurred on the west side of the Tetons, outside of Jackson Hole, Wy. at area where I would practice Tai Chi and Chi Kung.

     (Perspective View looking East to Grand Teton Mountain Range)    
UFO Track back in 2009.  This occurred on the west side of the Tetons, outside of Jackson Hole, Wy. at area where I would practice Tai Chi and Chi Kung.

                                   (Grand Teton - viewed from West)     
Grand Teton ... Jackson Hole, Wyoming, area where retreat are held.

     The spacecraft appeared as though it had materialized, like it was “decloaking” or had come through a “worm hole”.  It was a clear, starry night and the structure was picking up some reflected light from the Driggs, Idaho small town airport-hanger area.       

     My best guess apparent size for the object was about the size of a Boeing 737, it had two connected segments, no lights, and was a metallic dark grey.   Also, at best guess, it was about 1000 to 2000 feet above me, I didn’t notice any windows.   It didn’t have any wings or vertical or horizontal stabilizers, and there was no sound … just silence as it went overhead at about 2 mph, once it slowed down.         

     I was walking along below it for about 15 minutes, thinking to myself that, wow … they really do exist … how about that!  After the excitement wore off, when I finally realized, as I looked about, that I was all by myself,  I then become quite uncomfortable about being under this thing, all alone!  I then decided to make my quick exit back to the “safety” of my condo.       

     Now, I wish I had stayed out there and watched longer, to see what was going to happen next.  I still find it hard to believe, after climbing mountains and being a martial artist, having had my bones broken, and even being an amateur astronomer, that I couldn’t bring myself to be present and stay put below this object in the sky.       
     The next day after the observation, I went on Google to see if anyone had posted any images of the “craft” on the internet.  To my surprise a pilot, either commercial or military (I can’t remember), had created a sketch of an object they had seen (posted from an earlier date) of the same exact object.  I should have copied the image, or downloaded it, but I didn’t.  I have been on line many times since, looking for this same rendering, but I have not seen it.  If I ever do see it again, I will be sure to post it on this blog.  All I can say is … keep looking up! 

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