Spiritual Wake Up - "Guiding Individuals to that Special Place Inside Themselves"

Connecting With The Divine
Spiritual Wake Up 

is here to take us on 
a magical mystery tour,
to a place
where the Divine may be experienced, 
by awakening the Spiritual presence 
of the INFINITE inside, 
by connecting
where BEing occurs.

 ... You may choose to read the articles ...

... practice the various body, mind, spiritual exercises 
in person or online ...

... sing and play along with the Kirtan songs ...

... check out the The Spiritual Wake Up Post ...

... read the poetry from several mindful authors ... 

... watch the movies we have linked to our site 
to help you experience your Divine state of BEing ...

We have found that, in our own journey,
there are many avenues available 
to experience the Divine connection. 
As Ram Dass would say,
" We are just walking each other home."

Ali and Ram Dass at the Women's MarchAli Jones-Carter and Ram Dass
photo by Free Landauer

You may also like to 
read the poems, articles 
and watch the video information found 
in our online web magazine:

The Spirit Post Magazine


Also, classes and retreats have been set up to specifically aid 
you in the endeavor to align with the 
One Presence, One Power and One Intelligence 
found in us all.

Little Buddha ... remembering where we came from ... and where we will return.

"When the memory of the Divine in the heart is awakened, 
we experience the Oneness of the Absolute Presence.  
We then move through life in Bliss."

Robert Carter

"Remember yourself always and everywhere."


images from our website, reflecting the various areas we love to share


Steve and Bob practicing Tai Chi Push Hands.
Classes are offered in Chi Kung,
Tai Chi (and Tai Chi Chuan), Meditation, the Enneagram, 
Bagua Chang, Yoga (in 
combination with Chi Kung) and Contemplation techniques to individuals and groups.  You may fine one or all of these classes beneficial for your spiritual unfoldment. 

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The Front Page of The Spirit Post Magazine.

Our web magazine

The Spirit Post Magazine

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The magazine is going to take us on a journey together down the rabbit-hole of 
self discovery to awaken to the Oneness of our spiritual identity.  Let’s bypass 
our egos to find our inherent, eternal goodness; that place in us where God 
dwells and gets remembered by each as the great I AM.

Our guest writers and poets will help lead us to Source … the indwelling place of the Truth of who we are.

If you like our magazine, 
and are in alignment with the path
... in which it is moving ...

We would love any support 
... you feel moved to share ...

... helping to make a change for the better ...

... Joining together in the ONEness of the Divine ... 



Grand Teton National Park - retreat location for Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Bagua Chang, Yoga, the Enneagram, Meditation and Contemplation practices.
We have found that one of the most effective ways of helping others 
find that place of INFINITE LOVE and JOY inside, is to be with people on an individual or group basis for a period up to one week. We assist them with going into deeper layers of awareness until they transcend beyond the eGo (edging GOD out) small self, by helping them "stop, let go and Be."   
We can be present with you or a group, traveling to your location or wherever we are at the time, whenever we can.  We typically come together and spend some time, from Monday morning until Friday afternoon at an outdoor location of your choice, such as a park, on the beach, or up in the mountains, at a retreat 
center, or even at your home or apartment.  Sometimes we may be together for a few hours at a time, or for just a brief period, while you may be visiting the area.  
Maui - retreat location for Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Bagua Chang, Yoga, the Enneagram, Meditation and Contemplation practices.
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Heart Centered Buddha ... moving into the Oneness of BEing.The Sacred Heart ... the Divine shows up in us all ... as we connect with its presence in our Center.

What It's All About

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Photo of "Walking Each Other Home" by Ali Jones-Carter

The Gift Of Life
by Bruce BecVar
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