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Bob practicing Bagua Chang on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand.Bagua Chang


Ancient Chinese moving art which will aid you in clearing "energy" blocks in your mind, emotions and body (similar to Tai Chi and Chi Kung).  It involves linear or circular walking, where the circular walking has its base in the I Ching (Book of Changes).

Bob practicing Baqua Chang at Lumeria Resort.  Retreat location on Maui, HI.

Moving around a circle, you will create different hand and foot positions bringing energy from above and below your body through the various energy channels in your body creating spirals.  The walk is meditative in form, loosening up muscles, ligaments and tendons, helping to create a sense of harmony, peace and well being.  
Practicing Bagua Chang, will lead you to a discovery of the Universal energies in creation and an understanding of the workings of Consciousness, while creating a healthy body, strong energetic field, calm emotional state, peaceful mind and inner Cosmic awareness.

Bob practicing Bagua Chang on island of Maui.  Retreat location on Maui, HI. 

Please refer to the Bagua Chang Video Links page for some examples of the Bagua Chang form and it's effects, some of which you will be experiencing in class.

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Touching Silk
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