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Biography  -  robert carter
Bob was born in London, and became interested in spirituality at about 6 years of age, beginning to meditate on his own, having his first mystical experience when the awakening of Kundalini Shakti occurred.  He has been a student of the spiritual life for over 59 years.

He has been a spiritual guide since 1993, teaching around the world to over a thousand students. He began to have out of body experiences at the age of 19.  He met his first spiritual teacher at 24, who taught him various meditation techniques.  As a result of his training, he had his first Cosmic Awakening experience at 25.  He met his wife, Alice (Ali) at this time.  They have been married over 40 years, and have two adult daughters.

Note: Ali has passed away as of August 22, 2018 ... she will forever BE 
my inspiration!

Besides being a spiritual helper, he is also an Architect, licensed in several states. To see his soul space centered architectural work, click the link below: 

When he is not working with others ... helping create their home or work place, expressing his intuitive artistic passion ... he is giving his time to help people remember their "Divine" nature, through many of the various spiritual techniques and practices ... helping them to just "Be".  Having studied with many of the finest teachers over several decades, and discovering many "Divine States of Being" on his own, Bob's wish is to help others find their connection with the One Presence, One Power and One Intelligence found within their own being.  This is his greatest joy!   

"We have all come here to end the "story" and be an example of the Divine within, by taking off our lamp shade and letting our LIGHT SHINE!"

Robert Carter

He continued his spiritual training and studied various practices for years:

  • Yoga - Iyengar, White Lotus Flow Series, Ashtanga (certification with David   Swenson), Taoist and Integral Hatha Yoga

  • Tai Chi - Chi Kung, T'ai Chi Chih, Tai Chi Ch'uan (Yang and Wu styles)

  • Bagua Chang and Rou Shou

  • Martial Arts - Taekwondo (1st Degree Black Belt), Karate with   
              Weapons, Tai Chi Sword Form, Aikido, Iaido

  • Meditation Practices - Yogic, Kriya, Taoist, Buddhist, Zen and Guided

  • Contemplation training

  • Enneagram studies for over 25 years

  • New Thought groups such as Unity, Divine Science, Religious Science and
          Unitarian - Helped to start three of these groups in Jackson Hole,

  • Studied and participated in various workshop-retreat groups from INTA
          (International New Thought Alliance), Yoga, Taoist (studied with Master
          BK Frantzis over several years), Buddhist, Zen and A Course in Miracles

  • Created, with his wife, Ali, The Jackson Hole Healing Arts Center

  • Reiki - 1st and 2nd Level Attunement

  • Aromatherapy

  • BS in Psychology before going on to graduate studies in Architecture

  • Radix Therapy

  • Began Teaching Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Bagua Chang, Yoga and Meditation in
          1993 at various locations around the world, including teaching at          
          senior, martial art, and rec centers as well as athletic clubs, resorts and
          cruise ship   
  • Hospice volunteer

  • Currently writing a book on the ego and spirituality, titled:                        

  Living from the Center of the Cyclone
   (please see New Book Excerpt page)

robert carter
robert carter

Bob will be sharing his knowledge of:

  • Chi Kung
  • Tai Chi
  • Bagua Chang
  • Taoist Yoga
  • Meditation
  • The Enneagram
  • Martial Arts

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