Spiritual Wake Up - "Guiding Individuals to that Special Place Inside Themselves"
Steve and Bob practicing Tai Chi Push Hands.

All  Classes  are designed  to help you open up to your full potential to experience the optimum level of health for body, mind, and spirit.

We share with individuals or groups to help them understand  the inner workings of these various levels and have a better understanding of the world they live in.

Some examples of areas for study and practice are as follows, depending on what you may wish to learn ...

a class on the mechanics of experiencing chi or prana in the body to provide more energy as you go about your day; learning different breathing techniques for health to release tension in the body and to help center the mind; opening and closing energy channels in the body for greater blood and energy circulation; working with the various energies of the Universe so that you may have a greater awareness of your connection with all that is around you; learning the Enneagram to have a comprehensive understanding of your soul and its relationship with the ego; working with the inner and outer energetic techniques for body, mind and spirit to facilitate your remembering of your place in the Universe and why you are here

... practicing Chi Kung (Qigong), Tai Chi (Taiji), and Yoga exercises will provide you with greater physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.  

The ultimate purpose of any class taught at Spiritual Wake Up will always be directed to helping you find that place inside, at the "Center of the Cyclone" where the Great Stillness resides, where you don't Do anything ... but just Be and remember in the Silence your true self, united with the One Presence, the One Power and the One Intelligence that encompasses All.  Please see below for a list of various classes:

"We do not have to improve ourselves;
we just have to let go of what blocks our heart."

Jack Kornfield


       Chi Kung and Tai Chi Lessons 
                      ~ Free ~

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       Chi Kung and Tai Chi classes open to students of all levels  

Jake and Bob practicing Tai Chi Push Hands.


Chi Kung: Basic Chinese System for Total Health 
In this class you will use breath, physical motion and the body’s energy to help clear areas of tension and aid in health for your Body, Mind and Spirit. These practices will help you learn to live in a state of Peace and Grace

                          (please see Chi Kung page)

Bob practicing the third Chi Kung exercise in the 18 move Chi Kung series he teaches on the beach in south Maui.


Tai Chi:  Chinese System for Health and Awakening                                 
An advanced system of health for your Body, Mind and Spirit.  This is a follow up class to Chi Kung.  In this class, you will learn a movement “form” to practice. Tai Chi (commonly referred as Tai Chi Chuan) is meditation in motion, “Graceful” in movement, slow in tempo, and fluid in natural postures.  Practicing Tai Chi as a Spiritual practice can help you come into contact with your own sense of the Divine.

                             (please see Tai Chi page)

Like a Galaxy, the Divine spirals from our center at the Center of our BEing.


Bagua Chang:  Chinese System for Health, Awakening and
  Martial Arts

A complete advanced system of health for your BodyMind and Spirit.  This is another follow up class to Chi Kung.  In this class, you will learn a straight line energetic walk and also a circular movement “form” to practice. Bagua Chang is meditation in motion, also “Graceful” in movement, slow and fast in tempo, and fluid in natural postures.  Practicing Bagua Chang as a Spiritual practice can help you come into contact with the Energies and Consciousness of the Universal Being found inside.  

            (please see Bagua Chang page)

Bob practicing Bagua on island of Koh Samui, Thailand.


    Yoga Exercise:  For Body, Mind and Spirit     
Another series of exercises for releasing tension in your body, toning muscles and stretching ligaments and tendons.  Practicing Yoga ("union") using deep relaxation, breath control and mental concentration, can help you obtain increased vitality, flexibility and radiant health, as well as aid in your Spiritual unfoldment.

                     (please see Yoga page)

Paramahansa Yogananda ... one of Bob's teacher's teacher.  Yogananda taught Kriya Yoga Meditation to thousands.



In this class, you will explore various meditation styles to aid in bringing you into connection with Universal awareness.  Techniques will be discussed which can be applied while walking, standing, sitting or laying down.  These techniques can help you relax, improve your concentration, learn to move energy for maintaining health and aid in healing yourself and others.  Also, you can learn to experience the energies of the natural world and experience the Oneness of nature, interacting with animals, trees, water and mountains, "Father Sky and Mother Earth".

                (please see Meditation page)

Looking into the Divine ... moving within and out to the extends of the Universe, beyond time and space.


  An Introduction to The Enneagram: 
    Ancient Wisdom for the Present    
This ancient spiritual - psychological system will be introduced as a tool to help you understand your relationship with others and God.  This system of understanding is based on the character expression of an individual’s nature.  The class is focused on discovering and releasing this underlying subconscious character “fixation” and learning how to surrender to a state of Grace, where one can finally come to an understanding of their true nature as that of Love and Joy and not one of perceived lack or limitation as presented by the eGo (edging God out). The two texts for this class are The Enneagram of Liberation by Eli Jaxon-Bear and The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Riso and Hudson.

Please see Movie Links  page for web link to the movie Meetings with Remarkable Men.  This movie is about the early life of the philosopher George Gurdjieff, who was one of the major teachers of The Enneagram in the Twentieth Century.     

           (please see the Enneagram page)

The Enneagram Symbol ... The Enneagram is a road map to discovering the ego and how to understand its relationship to Spirit.

   Please see the Intro Enneagram Class Series page for additional information about The Enneagram Class being offered.


 Contemplation:  The Activity of Mystical Consciousness 
The class will focus on going deep into the core of your Being, at the center of your chest, to uncover the source of all thought and manifestation beyond time and space.  Diving deep inside, to the Center of your Beingyou will be awakened to experience the merging with the Universal Being, beyond the realm of the ego.

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Helen Brungardt ... our first spiritual teacher.  Helen taught us Yoga, Meditation, Contemplation, and various New Thought concepts.

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