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Movie Links

Resurrection with Ellen Burstyn and Sam Shepard.  A movie about a woman's Spiritual change in her understanding of herself, and how she made a positive change in the world.
Listed below are some links to movies and shows that may be of interest and inspiration to you:

  A movie about the early years of the philosopher George Gurdjieff and his   
  personal discovery of the Enneagram.  (To watch full movie, it will have to          
  be rented)

                           The Fabric of the Cosmos - part 2

                           The Fabric of the Cosmos - part 3

                           The Fabric of the Cosmos - part 4

                          The Elegant Universe - part 2

                           The Elegant Universe - part 3

Other movies you may wish to rent and which are not linked:

Conversations with God

Little Buddha

Meetings with Remarkable Men
The Shift

The Celestine Prophecy

The Peaceful Warrior



Forks over Knives

Brother Son Sister Moon


"What the Bleep Do We Know"

The Secret

Jonathan Livingston Seagull


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