Spiritual Wake Up - "Guiding Individuals to that Special Place Inside Themselves"
Evan practicing Tai Chi at the summit of Haleakala, on Maui.  One of the retreat locations on Maui, HI.Individual or Group 
  Spiritual Retreat   
We can travel to your location or you can come to ours.  We are located on Maui most of the year, and spend part of the summer in the Jackson Hole, Wyoming region.  Both locations are wonderful if you need a break from your routine for the time we work together.
If we come to your location, we would need a place where you are comfortable and not distracted by people and phone calls during the day.  A place of peace and serenity would be the best.

Spiritual Wake Up classes can be incorporated in any of the spiritual retreat or vacation activities you may decide to do while on Maui or in the Jackson Hole, Wyoming region.

Typically, we would meet the first morning over breakfast.  We would "talk story," going over what you would like to get out of the week's experience and any information you'd like to share that would be beneficial.  We would then go over what may be the best course, for realizing the state of being, that you are hoping for.  This is always different for each and every person.  This is why a private or intimate group retreat is so important.  We are all so different in our makeup and "history," we need private tutors in the spiritual field just as much as we need a physical trainer or nutritionist to consult with. 

At your retreat, we will be working on all levels of consciousness, from the physical, the energetic, through the emotional, into the mind of the ego and then into the body of individuality and hopefully finally merging with the ONENESS OF ALL.  We will work together throughout the week to help you maintain a deep level of awareness, so that once we leave, you can maintain that awareness as much as possible during your "awake" state in this world.  The hope is that as you find your CENTER, and maintain it, that you may have a positive effect on the others in your life, by your example, and can go on and help be a positive change in the world, bringing LOVE and JOY wherever you go!

                    "A man who has attained mastery of 
                 an art, reveals it in his every action."
                                            Lao Tzu

Grand Teton National Park ... One of the retreat locations on Jackson Hole, WY.
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View of East Maui.  One of the retreat locations on Maui, HI.
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