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 The Meaning of Tai Chi 
Tai Chi literally means “the maximum biggest” or “the supreme ultimate.” 
Tai Chi (Taiji) is often referred as an abbreviated name for Tai Chi ChuanChuan literally means ‘fist’ or ‘boxing,’ referring to the exceptional physical and mental properties that Asian martial arts encompass.

Tai Chi embraces both philosophical and spiritual concepts.  In Chinese cosmology, for any manifestation of existence to come forth, there has to be a separate expression of two different properties, referred to as the opposites - yin and yang (night-day, women-man, matter-spirit ... ).  Yin and yang pairs are also perceived as part of a complementary flow of existence.  The two opposing elements are partners within the Universal expression, with interactions occurring from the gross to the sublime. Tai Chi presents the ability to balance and integrate ones whole being – from the everyday level of expression to the spiritual.  To understand the multidimensional properties of the Universe, a method was created thousands of years ago – the fluid and natural movements of Tai Chi.  
One of the important properties of Tai Chi, is that it can be performed while standing up or leaning against a chair; and it can even be applied by someone who is confined to a wheelchair. Tai Chi can be practiced by anyone who is overweight, thin, young, middle-aged, or even "very old". Tai Chi is the national health exercise in China.  Throughout the world, it is estimated that approximately 250 million people practice Tai Chi each day, more than any other exercise activity.  Many participants begin Tai Chi between the ages of 50 and 85, when the need for physical activity is important for maintaining a healthy life style as one enters the later stages of life. Tai Chi is also practiced to enhance ones intellectual abilities, and to develop an inner focus, opening ones Heart Center to unleash their full Spiritual potential. 
There is much more to Tai Chi than one can see in an initial encounter.  Having been around for many thousands of years, a vast array of accumulated ancient wisdom from the Orient has been collected.  It can even help individuals overcome the many difficulties of the human condition and engage with life in a positive manner.  
Tai Chi uses low-impact moments in slow motion, where the effects are as gradual and natural as water running along a stream.  Tai Chi’s softness, as well as a lack of strain, means that everyone can practice and gain benefits.

Bob - practicing Tai Chi Yang Style Short Form at Angkor Wat, Cambodia.
At Spiritual Wake Up, we teach Tai Chi to help you achieve health, relaxation, longevity and Spiritual Awakening.  Tai Chi improves your bloods circulation, while also making  your body, mind and spirit conscious.  We teach because we need the benefits of Tai Chi as much as any person.  There is no graduation from a life dedicated to the learning of Tai Chi.  If you practice, your body and mind will lose tension and gain health, stamina, and vitality.  If you practice, your stress level and blood pressure are likely to go down, and your balance and your resistance to disease is likely to increase.  Tai Chi uses the physical body as the entry point to take you deeper into your energetic field, emotions, mind and spirit, leading you to a place of Universal Joy.  
Please refer to the Tai Chi Video Links page for some examples of the Tai Chi (Taiji) form and it's effects, some of which you will be experiencing in class.
Bob practicing Tai Chi Chuan at beach on Maui.  Retreat location on Maui, HI. 
Yang Style Short Form Movement Information
(Form we practice in Class)

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