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"Bob is an incredible human being "walking the talk" as a spiritually awakened being on this earth ... get to know him, take his classes, learn from his teachings ... you will feel inspired and loved.  Mahalo hugs to you." 

                                              Gylian Solay, Maui

"Bob is a gentle giant.  A harmonizing bright light who balances people with his presence.  Your being will be calmed by hanging out with Bob.
                                             Mayla Makena, Maui

"You have taught me about the importance of letting go of the egoic story to which I have clung for identity my entire life.  Your commitment to this necessity and the process of shifting my attention has helped me find the courage to release the sad unhappy repetition with more conviction and greater ease. 

You have taught me how to laugh again in the midst of all the drama.  Your rich laughter in the joy of Being is one of my greatest delights.  When I am not able to access this lightheartedness on my own, I think about your Buddha nature and a smile comes to my lips and I am able to drop some of the old seriousness. 

You remind me again and again to return to my heart center, the center of contemplation of the Divine. This inevitably calms me and I reconnect with who I am.  I remember when I used to feel infuriated at your calm insistence that this is the way to Self-connection.  But you hung in there with me.  You simply would not acknowledge any belief in separation from my Self.  Through your own contemplative discipline you are able to do this in a most loving, forgiving and pure way.  This integrity in you has been a saving grace for me so many times on my journey. 

I am so grateful to have you in my life through our conversations, by your personal example of courage and commitment to your own evolution of consciousness, and most of all for your clear support of me no matter how clear or deluded I happen to be.  You remind me that I am not alone.  You encourage me to depend on the Truth of my Being not upon you and this is so important to someone like me who feels powerless in these dark places and wants to find the answers "out there."  The light is within me, always.

I commend you to anyone who wishes to be free of the ego's desperate attempts to create normalcy out of ignorance or peace out of chaotic dreams.  My life is immensely richer through our relationship.  You are a blessing in my life."

LA, New Mexico

"It was 2011 when I met Bob Carter through a neighbor who invited me to join a group of other people who where learning Chi Kung and Tai Chi.  At the time, I had been in a wheel chair for a couple of years due to severe ankle problems and after some acupuncture was beginning to use a walker.

Now, after about a year and a half, I am walking with very little pain and am now able to do the form with better balance and it keeps me in shape. It's also a great meditation and connection with spiritual energy."

Cyndi Rogers, Maui

Robert Carter at Spiritual Wake Up has been offering classes since 1993 to over a thousand individuals for body, mind, and spiritual awareness.

Bob's wish is to help you "remember" your Divine nature, enabling you to live a joyous life in peace and harmony.

The Chi Revolution ... book written by Master Bruce Frantzis.  Bob is quoted in the book, presenting one of his techniques for

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Bob is quoted on page 77 from the book The Chi Revolution authored by Bruce Frantzis.   

            Sports Injury Relief

Bob and other Tai Chi practitioners on the cover of Maui Vision Magazine with Master Bruce Frantzis.

Bob is on the cover of Maui Vision magazine April/May, 2012 issue in the purple shirt. Photo image taken with Bruce Frantzis in the foreground. 
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             Maui Vision

Newspaper Article on Tai Chi and Yoga.
Newspaper Article on Tai Chi and Yoga.
Newspaper Article on Tai Chi and Yoga.
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