Spiritual Wake Up - Training Chronology - Wailuku, HI
Spiritual Wake Up - "Guiding Individuals to that Special Place Inside Themselves"
Steve and Bob practicing the Tai Chi sword form. 


Summary of Training    and Experience:

    robert carter

1958 - Began self guided individual meditation practice        
1976 - 1978 Meditation and Contemplation training with Helen Brungardt, initiated
      into Kriya Yoga practice.  
1976 - 1979    1997 - 2001 Iyengar Hatha Yoga training and practice 
1976 - T’ai Chi Chih training with Carmen Brocklehurst   
1977 - Karate training   
1987 - 1997 Studied and practiced crystal healing with Dan Dougherty  
1988 - Radix Therapy studies with Dr. Robert Edwards, PhD. 
1991 - 2001 Tai Chi Ch’uan training. Learned the Yang Style Short Form. Also, 
      learned the Tai Chi Sword Form and Tai Chi Push Hands. Studied with  
      Steven Dyke and Robert Tangora.   
1991 - 2001 Enneagram training with Jeremiah Fussell, PhD. 
1992 - 1994 Taekwondo training, received 1st Degree Black Belt.   
1992 - Hospice Volunteer   
1992 - 2005 Training with Master B.K. Frantzis, PhD.  The following series were    
      Opening the Energy Gates of the Body    
      Marriage of Heaven and Earth Chi Kung           
      Taoist Meditation Practices - Dissolving Technique, Water Method    
      Meditation and Energy Condensing Exercises           
      Buagua Chang Single Palm Change                   
      Gods Playing in the Clouds Chi Kung                  
      Taoist Breathing Practices                   
      Buagua Chang Single Palm Change advanced training with Rou Shou
      Full Moon Taoist Meditation
1993 - 1995 Zen Meditation training at Cold Mountain Zendo with Jack Turner, PhD.
1994 - Reiki, received 1 and 2 level attunement   
1994 - 1997 Aromatherapy training and practice with Gary Young        
1994 - 1997 Established Jackson Hole Healing Arts Center       
1994 - Karate Weapons training with Master Paul Keller  
1994 - Iaido training with Master Paul Keller  
1997 - 2005 Ashtanga and White  
      Lotus Flow Series Yoga training with Jeremiah Fussell, PhD.       
1998 - Aikido training with weapons  
2002 - Ashtanga Yoga training and certification with David Swenson        
2010 - Training with Master B.K. Frantzis, PhD.               
      Wu Style Tai Chi Short Form        
2010 - Training with Lee Burkins:                  
      Buagua Chang and Rou Shou        
2011 - 2017  Integral Hatha Yoga with Gylian Solay             
2011 - 2018 Buagua Chang advanced studies                  
      Taoist Meditation advanced studies
      Tai Chi advanced studies

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